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WELCOME to mPole Online!

We have created a video resource for students of mPole, however, is a valuable resource to students of Pole Dancing, regardless of where they are training. Here you will be able to access Pole Dancing Tutorials on all the mPole Grading moves for each level of the mPole Levels so that they can practice in their own time the key Pole Dancing Moves that will help them grade up to the next level.

Our video tutorials are bundled into mPole Grading Level packages, so you only need to access the bundle that is for the level your working on at any point in time, unless you would like to brush up of some of the lower-level skills.

We also have available individual purchase mPole-Ography Lessons. Where you will learn a whole pole dancing routine in a single 45 - 60minute video lesson—making this a great way to increase your cardio fitness and challenge your memory while still having fun on your pole at home.

Pole Dancing at Home, has never been easier

Easy to follow and break down instructions for each of our Videos

Unique to mPole

mPole's unique class structure is specifically designed to help women take as much from their time with us as possible. Whether you are looking for a social environment to get to know some new people and have fun, or you're wanting to train a little harder to improve your strength and flexibility, mPole can help you reach your full potential.

mPole's instructors draw on over a decade of training and pole dance knowledge to help all students build confidence and strength both on and off the pole. We facilitate a caring, friendly, supportive environment for women to grow and develop friendships, thriving off the sport we love so much.

The main studio boasts soft lighting and beautiful wall-to-wall mirrors to help you perfect your technique and test your limits. With one of our friendly instructors by your side you will learn the art of pole dance in many styles, and with the correct training and techniques to ensure you execute every move safely and beautifully. mPole also prides itself on providing, not only wonderful pole dance classes but all the extra classes you need to support your pole training, including flexibility, recovery, move focused, and choreography focused classes.

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